SASA Recognizes Leadership

Member Awards

Above and Beyond Service Award: for a member who has demonstrated outstanding service to SASA in its continual goal of improving the quality of education in Seminole County.
Lamp of Knowledge Award: for outstanding contributions by practicing or former educator to the field of education in Seminole County.
Community Award:for a member of the community who has made outstanding contributions to the field of public education. Raymond L. Gaines Leadership Award  Purpose:  This award is made in memory of Raymond L. Gaines, former Executive Director of Secondary Schools for Seminole County Public School. 
The recipient of this award should be an individual who is:
an Instructional Leader with Integrity, committed to students, honest, dedicated, courageous, a team Player.
The recipient has: evidence of actively mentoring students, adults, or promising leaders, done something above and beyond with a subgroup, high quality learning opportunities for students, made exemplary contributions to the profession and the community.  Eligibility:  Minimum five years as an administrator, Award- Symbol of Integrity


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Phoenix Award

Given to 3 students (elementary, middle, and high) who have overcome great hardships or road to achieve notable success. These can include low socio-economic status, ESOL, family hardship, disability, or any other similar circumstance.

Student Leader Award:
Awarded to three students (elementary, middle, and high) who best exemplify consistent leadership qualities both in school and in the community.

Post Secondary Education Scholarships: Seniors graduating from a SCPS high school, with a parent that is a full-time employee of the school district, are eligible for this scholarship. Two scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic performance.Read more

Student Scholarship

As a continuing affirmation of its support of Seminole County and its youth, the Seminole Association of School Administrators has established a program that annually awards three scholarships for graduating seniors.


The applicant must submit the following in a completed packet:

  • A completed application
  • An official copy of his/her high school transcript
  • A copy of his/her most recent report card
  • ONE (1) letter of recommendation from his/her principal or assistant principal
  • ONE (1) letter of recommendation from a counselor or a teacher
  • A 200-300 word essay outlining his/her career goals and reason for applying

Additional Requirements

The scholarship award may be used at any of the following Florida public institutions:

  • Vocational/Technical school
  • Junior/Community/State College
  • Four-year college or university

CONTACT: Carolyn Hevey-Human Resources Administrator if you have questions call 407-320-0083 or email

Awards Application Deadlines

Class of 2018 – postmark deadline is March 5th, 2018

Scholarship Selection Committee
ATTN: Chairman – Carolyn Hevey/Human Resources
Seminole Association of School Administrators
400 E. Lake Mary Boulevard Sanford, FL 32773