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Growing Leaders Today to Influence Tomorrow


Purpose of SASA


  • To promote a positive image of Seminole County administrators and their leadership roles in Seminole County Public Schools
  • To collaborate with the Superintendent and district staff regarding member issues,including terms and conditions of employment, salary, and fringe benefits
  • To articulate member issues and concerns to the School Board
  • To actively engage in advocacy of member priorities to the Florida Legislature
  • To inform members of current district, state, and national issues that directly impact public school administrators
  • To provide membership information and opportunities with the Florida Association of School Administrators (FASA) and other educational leadership organizations
  • To build leadership capacity and depth through-out Seminole County Public Schools.
Legislative Sessions The FADSS Legislative Report has been finalized and includes the final actions by Governor on legislation re to education.
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Click here to view: 2016 Legislative Session | Florida School Boards Association

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Benefits of Membership
  • Two annual dinners which provide opportunities to network with colleagues, district leadership, and the School Board
  • Advocacy for your interests at the State Legislature and in the local   district
  • Informative and timely Florida legislative updates
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  • SASA Awards

    Above and Beyond Service Award: for a member who has demonstrated outstanding service to SASA in its continual goal of improving the quality of education in Seminole County. Lamp of Knowledge Award: for outstanding contributions by practicing or former educator to the field of education in Seminole County. Community Award:for a member of the community who has made outstanding contributions to the field of public education.
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    Executive Board

    Michael Howard
    Past President
    Kelly Mitchell
    President Elect
    Chris Mulholland
    Vice President
    Michael Hunter
    John Antmann
    Elizabeth Darcy
    Elementary School Representative
    Carol Lynn Webb
    Middle School Representative
    Craig Johnson
    High School Representative
    Brian Blasewitz
    ESC Representative
    Shelia Windom
    Administrator at Large
    Martin Dunlop
    Administrator at Large
    Jessica Webb



    Horace Mann
    Tony Williams & Chris Sorrenson

    Matern Professional


    Dean Stewart
    Photography Inc.

    National Life Group